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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technologies

Currently the Artificial Intelligence is at the top of its hype curve and indeed creating new business opportunities. AI and ML helps analyse hidden patterns of data to derive possible insights. AI and ML can certainly enrich our future thereby making the need for intelligent and sophisticated systems more important than ever. Achieve high end capabilities that enable the building scalable and cost effective solutions.

AI and ML helps to achieve high end capabilities that enable building the scalable and cost effective business solutions. Artificial Intelligence communicates with Machines, which in turn learn the patterns to accomplish specific task. Machines understand the instructions / machine capable algorithms and act accordingly. Based on the algorithm patterns, machine learns to act intelligently.

Applications of AI & ML

Various Analytics, Retail, Security, Fashion, and from Manufacturing to Production are the few areas where Artificial Intelligence is applied in daily life. When we talk about the AI, the capability of machines, Robotics to self-driving Smart Cars and Drones are classic examples of AI and Machine Learning. Chatbot, Voice Bots, Natural Learning Understanding, Visual search and Image recognition and Text-to-Speech are few functions of the applied AI & ML. Natural Learning Process or the Machine Learning Capability enables the visual search, tagging and text to speech are few examples of our implemented business use cases.

Supervised Learning

In this type of learning, the machine is constantly given inputs with intended outputs. Machine is constantly training to provide required output.

Unsupervised Learning

Machine provides the output, based on the given algorithm and the data patterns and provides required output.