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Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a developer of robotic process automation (RPA) software, which employs software bots to complete business processes

Most Intuitive RPA

RPA technology that anyone can use with ease. Enterprise-grade technology with the intuitive experience of a consumer application.

Fastest to Scale

Shortest adoption runway, bots on demand, and 500+ ready-to-download bots. Our customers have thousands of bots in action, every day. This is RPA at the speed of business.

Secure by Design

The RPA platform with bank-grade security architecture and centralized controls that exceed the RPA security, compliance, and governance requirements of global enterprises.

AI-Augmented RPA

Combined, RPA + AI + analytics create the only complete RPA platform designed to deliver an enterprise Digital Workforce.


Don’t automate alone. The Automation Anywhere RPA platform is inseparable from the humans dedicated to your RPA success. A+ is a complete RPA support ecosystem for every step of your RPA journey.