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What is UI Path?

UiPath is a global software company that develops a platform for robotic process automation. UiPath is a software company, a Robotic Process Automation vendor that provides software platforms to help organizations automate business processes.The company specializes in robotic process automation technology, or software that helps companies save time and money by automating repetitive, manual tasks such as entering data into spreadsheets.

Hyper Automation Platform Addresses the End-to-End Automation Lifecycle

UiPath is delivering a true end-to-end hyper automation platform that combines the core RPA capabilities of building, managing, and running robots with tools for process discovery, and analytics to report clear business impact. New capabilities available include:

Use AI to analyze back-end systems and application logs.

UiPath Process Mining (formerly ProcessGold) creates visualizations that depict business processes, deviations, and where to automate for the most impact. By providing a holistic overview of business processes, showing how robots and humans interact, Process Mining gives customers a data-driven approach to discover and continuously improve their processes.

Process document data fast and accurately to compete in a changing digital age.

UiPath Document Understanding AI helps users extract and interpret data from different documents and ensure end-to-end document processing. The tool works with a wide range of documents from structured to unstructured documents, recognizes different objects like handwriting or checkboxes, and can deal with various file formats.

Enable all employees to chip in as Citizen Developers by automating their own tasks.

UiPath StudioX is the automation design canvas for business users. Built in close collaboration with customers over the past year, StudioX allows a broader range of subject-matter experts to rapidly automate their work without the need for developer resources or coding.

Gain more control and flexibility over attended bots with new user interface

UiPath Assistant provides more efficiency and flexibility by allowing users to schedule reminders for running attended automations. Background processes give attended robots the ability to concurrently run multiple automations that may monitor events or process jobs. This further improves employee productivity and rapid return on automation investments

Centralize automation initiatives and increase employee engagement.

UiPath Automation Hub brings every employee into the process of uncovering automation opportunities. Every employee can introduce ideas for automations, creating a gamification – or crowdsourcing – capability ideal for Robotic Operations Centers of Excellence to collect opportunities, and manage a pipeline of robots to free employees from mundane tasks across every corner of an enterprise.

Apply AI to analyze how people get work done.

UiPath Task Mining (formerly Explorer Enterprise), enables automation teams to capture, analyze, and prioritize processes run in any department. This scientific approach gives the core automation team the ability to capture, analyze, and prioritize processes run in any department for automation.

Apply AI to your RPA workflows in minutes.

AI Fabric bridges the gap between RPA and data science teams, helping enterprises automate more complex and cognitive processes. New in this release is Model Retraining, which allows exceptions and corrections to make the models better over time. This means the more AI Fabric is used, the harder it will work – with robots becoming better at their job over time.